Friday, January 11, 2019

A Breakdown Of Falz’ Socially Conscious track “Talk”

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Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz (The Bahd Guy) has never been one to shy away from uncomfortable or controversial topics and in his new single Talk off his highly anticipated album ‘Moral Instruction’ he further confirmed this.

On this track Falz explored and addressed most of the controversial issues plaguing the Nigerian society, It is safe to say that he spoke the mind of Nigerians on this one.
He started off the song by addressing people that took offence at his song This Is Nigeria and threatened legal action but backed out when he indicated his willingness to go to court, he sang “Brother Muric shout finish, we no see am for court Eh eh, we no see am for court”.
He then spoke about politicians only caring about the people when its time for election singing “Election don dey come, they go need your support Eh eh, need your support.”
Next on the list was fraudsters and internet scammers popularly called “Yahoo boys” he mocked them with his lyrics which goes “Since EFCC burst in, we no see you for club, Eh eh, we no see you for club, And you get legit work o, na wetin you talk, Eh eh, na wetin you talk.”
He spoke on the topic of President Muhammadu Buhari and his absence for a considerable period of his tenure, the artiste said “Four year tenure, three year holiday, Eh Eh, three year holiday.”
The artiste addressed the constant brawls at the National Assembly as he voiced “Our senator, don dey fight, Kung-fu again, Eh eh, fight Kung-fu again, Shey dem never tire, They wan continue the race? Eh eh, they wan continue the race”
He touched the matter of unpaid salaries and even advocated the plight of youth corpers and their unreasonably low salary as he sang “Month don end, oga pay salary, Eh eh, oga pay salary, In 2019, Nineteen (19) eight (8) alawee, Eh eh, Nineteen (19) eight (8) alawee.”
He spoke about call girls and Escorts popularly called “Runs Girls” and he said “Instead of may you work, you dey find Alhaji, Eh eh, she dey find Alhaji, You come turn your body to cash and carry, Eh eh, she don de cash and carry.”
The artiste went on to speak on the sensitive topic of religious leaders living lavish lifestyles off the funds generated by their congregation who cannot enjoy the same luxuries as their ‘spiritual fathers’. He sang “Three private jet, you say you buy am for church, Eh eh, say you buy am for church, But your congregation no dey follow fly am of course, Eh eh, dem no dey follow fly am of course.
He addressed tribalism in the Nigerian society singing “Why your people still dey carry carry eye for someone, Eh eh, dem dey carry eye for someone, Shey I no be person, Cause no be your tribe I come from?.”
He ended the track on a high note as he spoke about Looters who faced little or no scrutiny from the public as he sang “Small man thief for market, You set fire for em body, Big man thief money we dey hail am like dummy.”

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