Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Let’s Settle This At Once:- Shaku Shaku vs Zanku – Which One Is A More Superior Dance Step?

Hello Guys,
Seems like there is a new beef brooding in the music Industry between One Shaku Shaku activist, Danny S and the self acclaimed Zanku Originator, Zlatan.
Incase you missed the Gist about the Beef, Read About it HERE
However, this post is targeted at settling the argument this beef might caused later, about the more superior Dance step between Shaku Shaku and Zanku.
Let’s come together and help the coming generation shed more light to this Upcoming hot argument topic, you remember how we also argued about Gala Gala Dance and Awilo Dance?
But unfortunately we couldn’t find the best answer to our argument on Google, But with our own comment in this post, the coming Generation will get answer to this Shaku Shaku and Zanku Dance argument.
So Guys, Let’s settle this at once

Between Shaku Shaku And Zanku – Which One Is A More Superior Dance Step?

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