Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Linda Ikeji Reveals How Her Family Was Insulted Over N70

Linda Ikeji has revealed the reason why she decided to end poverty in her family. According to the single mother of one, her parents were once embarrassed because of N70.
Witnessing the scenario at 16 made her decide to start a hustle at 17 so that her parents will never be insulted over money again.
Linda Ikeji wrote:
‘I was 16. I was standing there watching the insult being hurled and a little assault over N70. I saw the sadness and embarrassment as they saw I was witnessing it. They told me to leave but I refused and stood there and watched. After it was over I told myself as I walked home in tears; in this life, except there’s no God, nobody will ever insult them again over money. I don’t care how long it will take, but I will fight poverty with everything in me. The following year at 17 after I finished secondary school, I started my hustle.
This smile is gratitude for how far I’ve come. For all the dreams that came through. For all the things I am grateful for and for all the amazing things that’s about to happen (which will be announced soon). This smile is to encourage you not to give up on yourself no matter how hard it gets and to encourage you to fight poverty with everything you are. The view from where I am standing is amazing and I’d like for you to experience it. May your legit hustle pay off…and soon. Amen!

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