Thursday, January 3, 2019

Nigerian Soldiers Angrily Leave Their Base Due To Lack Of Proper Weapons To Fight Boko-Haram (Watch Video)

Some weeks ago, we made a post about why our strong Nigerian Soldiers in their multitudes are finding it very difficult to fix the issue of Boko-Haram insurgency.
In case you missed the post, READ HERE
Meanwhile, a viral video of some set of Nigerian soldiers leaving their base in Sambisa forest might just be a revelation of the reason Nigerian Army has become a toothless bulldog in the face of Boko-Haram terrorists group.
In the video, the soldiers lament how many of their colleagues have had to die because they have all been fighting Boko-Haram with inferior weapons.
One of them said in the video:-
“Weapons make us a soldier, without weapons we are not soldiers. If Nigerian government is ready, they should call us back with proper weapons, we are going home to spend the new year with our families”.
This is very pathetic and it’s quite unfortunate that Nigerian government have sentenced many soldiers to Kirikiri for leaving base like this for lack of proper weapons.
Watch Video Below:-


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