Friday, January 11, 2019

Ways to Prevent Toilet Infections

Toilet infections are diseases contacted from unhealthy toilet. About 40 percent of the people living in the rural and urban areas are victims of toilet infections. Both men and women are affected. The toilet infection is caused by organisms such bacteria, fungi and virus.
The various symptoms of toilet infection includes when a person experiences discomfort, itching as well as unpleasant odour coming out from the private part of the body.
This paper work will enlighten you on various ways you can prevent toilet infections
Here are some of the ways to prevent toilet diseases:
  1. Wash your Anus properly with a clean water after defecation
A lot of people are fond of using tissue papers to clean their anus after defecation, though it is not a wrong thing to do but the proper way of keeping your anus clean is using clean water. Using tissue papers to remove excreta from the anus does not guarantee you of avoiding toilet infection because at the processing of cleaning it some remnant might excreta might remain in the anus and that can give room for germs and other micro-organisms to enter your body. With the use of neat water, every particle of excreta will be washed to the water closet (WC) and flush down to the suck-away pit.
  1. Keep the toilet room clean
Always keep the toilet room neat to avoid unpleasant odours and microbial growth. Microorganisms are capable of residing in dirty environments. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the room with an antiseptic liquid soap.
Natural ways to prevent toilet infections
In case you are affected by toilet infectious, there are some natural ways to get rid of it. Below are some of the the various natural ways of preventing toilet infections:
  • Consume garlic: Garlic serve as an important plant that helps kill infectious bacteria. The fungus (Candida albicans) which is capable of causing toilet disease can be prevented by eating garlic. Garlic also helps to fight against the itching of the body, discomfort, painful sexual intercourse and white discharge.
  • Change your underwear as often as possible: Always change your underwear at least twice or once a day, especially if you are living in a hot environment or sweat a lot. Those under wears we put on can easily absorb heat from the pubic region and accumulate germs which can result to such infections.
  • Use of yoghurt: Yoghurt is another natural method or way of beating toilet disease because it contains a healthy bacterial known as Lactobacillus acidophilus. Yoghurt can also be considered as a good nutritional food to influence the growth of useful bacteria that fights against germs in the body in the body

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