Sunday, September 8, 2019

[MUSIC] Ashoms - Desire

Ashoms is a Jos based artist; a guitarist, songwriter and producer. He has been silent after the release of their first duo album in 2018 with DJ Pin Pin. Now he is back with his first single in a long time titled “Desire”. The song is a love song that talks about the love of God; it speaks of God as the fire that stirs the passion in him to keep running the race of life. It was produced by Godiya Lumi at G-Wills Studios in Sum, Bogoro LGA of Bauchi State.



You came into my life
And turned it around
 Now I put my past behind
Am no longer bound
How can I explain this feeling inside?
Someone tell me what is going on
You’ve given me purpose and now I can focus (2x)

You’re my desire
You set on my fire

You came into my world
And broke the chains
For the first time I feel cold
I feel new strength
I was insecure without your love
I was so unsure but now I believe
You’ve given me purpose and now I can focus (2x)

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